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Many companies offer eCommerce software, we offer eCommerce solutions.

Seenary has delivered eCommerce solutions for clients that sell everything from a few t-shirts a year to those who handle millions of dollars in transactions per year. While there are 1000's of eCommerce solutions available off the shelf, organizations struggle to evaluate which products can best help them achieve their goals. Seenary works with clients to find the perfect match. We can analyze your sales goals and identify the best products in your budget range. In some cases, Seenary develops custom eCommerce infrastructure to best suit a clients' needs.

Seenary has deployed 100's of eCommerce solutions built around custom requirements and needs. The majority of our eCommerce deployments are built off of open source (free) code. Open source is not the perfect solution for all projects, however, its reasonable cost makes it a sound, strategic investment. We don't find too many organizations willing to spend $100K+ a year for an off-the-shelf system that only generates $200k in sales. We work with clients to find solutions that fit goals and budgets.

Our solutions include:

  • Needs assessement and specification development
  • Product evaluation
  • Product setup and customization
  • Open source customization and deployment
  • Product database integration
  • Accounting integration
  • Workflow and process management
  • Order fullfillment
  • SSL and security auditing
  • Customer database setup
  • Integration of lead tracking
  • Creation of custom product display widgets
  • Integration of social media



The Challenge:  Large association seeks to generate non-dues revenue via its web site.  Specific requirements include integration with back-office accounting and product database, ability to track sales and sales leads, handle online and offline sales, and much more. 

The SPI Solution:
* Integrate back office database and e-commerce systems
* Create, track and manage customer database
* Create online banner ad sales packages
* Facilitate partnership strategies to generate affiliate sales
* Real time widgets to display top sellers
* Launch and manage custom storefront to account for $1million/yr in sales


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