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Internet Strategy Development
Seenary recognizes that no two businesses or technical challenges are the same. We also recognize that most businesses in today's economy have limited budgets and are interested in the largest return on their investment dollars. The reality is that strategy development is, for the most part, behind the scenes work that offers little visibility to your key decision makers such as CFO's, boards and presidents. But make no mistake, a solid strategy is key to any successful implementation and deployment.

Seenary specializes in developing sound technical strategies at a reasonable cost. We have been in the implementation business for years, so,our solution set is large.

Many of the services we offer include:

  • Complete needs assessment
  • RFP and technical specification development
  • Usage and trend analysis
  • Web design briefs
  • Audience matrix and analysis
  • User surveys and usability studies
  • Content development strategies
  • Web 2.0 integration action plans
  • Creation of Information Architecture
  • Wireframe development
  • Launch scheduling/phased development
  • Cost comparison and budget analysis/control





The Challenge: The US Committee on the Judiciary needed technical guidance to plan and execute a strategic overhaul of its internet systems.  The primary purpose of the overhaul was to realign USHRCJ’s current business processes, resources, staff, and intellectual capital to better serve its internet infrastructure and overall mission.

The SPI Solution:
* Conducted Technical Audit
* Performed Complete Usage Analysis
* Created Content & Audience Matrix
* Developed Information Architecture (IA)
* Created Design Brief
* Constructed Wireframes
* Assembled Functional Requirements
* Prepared Phased Development Schedule
* Provided Budget Analysis & Cost Control


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