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  Get A Social Life  
  So you know you need to be on the social web, but where to begin?  


Social Media (Web 2.0)
Web 2.0 and social networking can be intimidating. Let Seenary's digital marketing team analyze your needs and develop an appropriate strategy that taps into social networks to enhance your marketing.

Setting up a fan site and asking your staff to join is not a social network strategy. While seemingly casual and organic, social networking strategy demands expertise and professionalism.

In this cost-effective and constantly evolving arena, we help you understand the best places to inject your brand or cause, create appropriate and effective marketing plans and manage the process from start to finish.

Seenary specializes in integrating social networking into our client's overall marketing strategy. Some specific services include:

  • Facebook fan sites
  • Blogs, blogger recruitment
  • LinkedIn promotions
  • Twitter strategies
  • FlickR integration
  • MySpace pages
  • Social network ad creative and placement
  • YouTube video portals
  • Digital video script, production, editing and posting
  • Social network marketing promotions

The benefits of integrating social networking into your marketing strategy are growing. Cost effective and measurable, social network sites offer a new and exciting prospect for marketers. In addition to enhancing your existing marketing with a social network strategy, we will staff, support and manage the effort.

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  Setup A Social Network For Less Than the Cost of a Single Printed Brochure

Compare the Two for Yourself

Printed Brochure to 10,000 customers
Estimated Costs
* $1,500 for Design & Layout
* $4,000 for Postage & Handling
* $4,500 for Printing
* $10,000 TOTAL COST

* Short Shelf Life (into trash after 1 view)
* Appeals to Older Generations
* Only Delivered to Target Audience
* No effective tracking matrix

Creation of Marketing Strategy and Setup of  Social Network on Facebook, Youtube, Blogger, LinkedIn, & Twitter With SPI
* $Much Less than 10k

* Includes Integrated Marketing Strategy
* Includes Tracking & Reporting Tools
* Environmentally Sustainable
* Year Round Shelf Life
* No Set/Determined Audience
* Hip to All Audiences
* Built In Direct Response Capture Mechanisms

Seenary specializes in creating strategy, setting up social networks and tracking success.  Contact us today for a demonstration or cost estimate/proposal.  


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