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  Behind the Seenary  
  Seenary  Works with Specialty Organizations to Create Profitable Partnerships & Generate Revenue  


A lot of agencies - and we've worked for several of them - try to be all things to all clients. Some firms will tell you that they can do anything just to win your business. Seenary acknowledges that we know the Internet and we leave it at that. This allows other boutique organizations to call on us to enhance their core competencies.

We work with specialty organizations to create profitable partnerships by keeping the prices for our services and expertise low. Our partners sell our services through to their clients, add us in as subcontractors or include our talent in their capabilities, instantly expanding their service offering.

Seenary creates custom web products for resale and revenue generation for our partners. Seenary products and services can be passed through your firm as a non-branded, fully-integrated extension of your firm's service offering to generate revenue. We can come to the table as a partner or as part of your team to provide the services your clients need. Specifically, we create custom products for:

  • associations
  • research firms
  • political consultants
  • lobbyists
  • public relations and marketing agencies

It works because we all bring our best to the equation. The Seenary team has worked for some of the most reputable names in the client-service arena. We know how to pitch new business, wow clients up sell value-added services. Further, we know how to make our products and services profitable for our partners.

Want to bid on a proposal but need to bolster your web experience? Let us help you win that business.

Want to Partner?


  Setup A Social Network For Less Than the Cost of a Single Printed Brochure

Compare the Two for Yourself

Printed Brochure to 10,000 customers
Estimated Costs
* $1,500 for Design & Layout
* $4,000 for Postage & Handling
* $4,500 for Printing
* $10,000 TOTAL COST

* Short Shelf Life (into trash after 1 view)
* Appeals to Older Generations
* Only Delivered to Target Audience
* No effective tracking matrix

Creation of Marketing Strategy and Setup of  Social Network on Facebook, Youtube, Blogger, LinkedIn, & Twitter With SPI
* $Much Less than 10k

* Includes Integrated Marketing Strategy
* Includes Tracking & Reporting Tools
* Environmentally Sustainable
* Year Round Shelf Life
* No Set/Determined Audience
* Hip to All Audiences
* Built In Direct Response Capture Mechanisms

Seenary specializes in creating strategy, setting up social networks and tracking success.  Contact us today for a demonstration or cost estimate/proposal.  


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